June 10th,2008
I wrote up some documentation today. Work on Stepping Stone has been going well for the most part. An official alpha is still a bit off due to my work schedule but I will aim for the near future.

June 1st,2008
Code has been uploaded! It was my first time using a system such as SVN, good thing TortoiseSVN makes things so easy on Windows. I shall have to try on Linux with the official client sometime.

I've been asked if I think I'm still in the 90's because of the way this site looks :-P I would rather code in C++ than HTML, so that's why. I won't stop anyone from submitting a better design to me if they want though!

Next on the to do list would be an alpha release.

May 31st, 2008
Got the sourceforge project set up yesterday and I'm working on this home page right now. I already have around 2000 lines of code for Stepping Stone, I'll see if I can get it into SVN within the next few days depending on the amount of free time I have.